Monday, 30 March 2020

Terrific Tuesday Activities!

Great work to those who have already completed some of the past activities and thanks for uploading photos for your teachers to see. We love seeing what you have been getting up to. Today we have a number activity and an art activity for you to do.

Try and find different objects in your house and find as many as you can. For example try and count all of the teddies you can find and write this down on some paper. Maybe draw a picture of a bear too to show what you were counting. Then choose another object to count like a cup. Draw a picture of the cup and then walk around your house and count up how many you can find. Repeat for lots of different objects. What did you find the most of?
Please send us pictures of the charts you made on 2 build a profile.

Try and draw a shadow picture.  Put a piece of paper near the window when it is sunny and put a toy on the edge of the paper so that the shadow of the toy is on the paper. Can you draw around the toy carefully to make the toy. You can then colour in you picture carefully with pencils or felt tips.
Send us a picture of your shadow pictures.

Please remember to email your photos or videos of you completing them to :

(remember to use the email address you registered with the school)

They will automatically go into your child's online profile and their teacher can view them.

From The Reception Team

Another fun activity!

Afternoon everyone, we hope you are all enjoying the new and exciting activities we have posted. We have LOVED seeing the photos and videos of the things you have been busy doing at home.
A huge thank you to the parents who have uploaded observations of their child. Our superstars are currently:
Star Clipart Happy Face - Cartoon Star Clip Art, HD Png Download ...                                  Riley                 Eliza                Mustafa
                                  Lily-Rose          Ivan                 Caden
                                  Kaelan              Dhilan              Elise
                                  Harmony          Elizabeth          Mariam
                                  Olivia               Robertas           Sedef
                                  Anna                Kenzie              Arthur
                                  Kivani              Lettie                Annabelle

We look forward to adding some more names to this list!

Today's activity is to make playdoh! Below is a link to a recipe using some basic cupboard ingredients.

You can add colours or smells if you have those in your cupboard too. See which shapes you can make with your dough, if you have any biscuit cutters you could use those too.

Your challenge is to write a list of the things you need to make your dough, using the paper in your pack.
Don't forget to upload your pictures and videos to 2Simple!

Good luck, The Reception Team 😀

Play Dough - Art And Craft - Fun Games    Simple Playdough Shapes Building Challenge for Preschoolers! • The ...

Super Science - Week 2

Printable spring scavenger hunt.Printable spring scavenger hunt.

Signs Of Spring

What signs of spring can you see, hear, smell and touch?

Use this scavenger hunt to explore signs of spring in your garden or from your window.

Can you spot any of the signs of spring is this video?

Hello everyone

Good Morning everyone!

We hope that you are all ok and every day we are thinking about what fun activities you may be doing at home!

Today we would like you to think about shapes, first play the shape game song.

Shape game with Jack Hartmann

Now go on a shape hunt around your home. See what shapes you can find! You might even be able to find some 3D shapes.

We would love to see a picture of the shapes that you find.

Time to get active!

We have a 1 minute challenge for you!

Ask an adult to help you with a timer:

How many jumps can you do in 1 minute?

How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?

How many times can you stand up and then sit down in 1 minute?

You could have a competition with other people in your house, to see who can do the most.

Please remember to send in your pictures from home via 2simple.

Reception Team

Friday, 27 March 2020

Friday Fun!

Dear Reception children, parents and carers

Our first week of school closure has come to an end - we are missing teaching you already and hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine if you are able to safely.

Here are two more activities for you to try at home - please remember to email your photos or videos of you completing them to :

(remember to use the email address you registered with the school)

They will automatically go into your child's online profile and their teacher can view them.


Todays phonics activity is a tricky word challenge!

Every day practise reading your tricky words - if you have lost your sheet you can use these to help you.

For your challenge can you make your own tricky word flowers if you have some paper at home and stick them around your house - test the people in your family and get them to test you too! See who can be the tricky word champion and let us know by sending a photo or leaving a comment below.

For an extra challenge make up some sentences like we do in class using your tricky words - you could write them down and take a photo of your sentences when you have finished to send to your teachers.

EAD - Music

Using junk items from around your home can you make your own musical instrument, you could put stones, rice or dry pasta inside to make it rattle or use elastic bands to make a guitar.  If you have some paint or pens at home you could decorate it too.
 - here are some ideas for you to try:

Please send us a photo or video of your musical instruments in action - you could even play along with your favourite song like we do in our music lessons at school, we would love to see it!

Maybe you could take your instrument outside next Thursday when we clap for the NHS and use it to make lots of noise on your street.

Remember you can also be writing sentences in your diary at home and remember to do lots of playing and talking too.

Stay safe over the weekend and check back on Monday for some more activities,

From the Reception Team 

Two new activities

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are keeping well.  Here are a couple of new activities for you to do.
  • Time to practise your counting with this fun game.  Once you have played the game, perhaps you could make your own one up using numbers to 20.

  •  Can you become a 'Nature Detective' and hunt for these different leaves?

Don't forget to take photos and/or videos of you doing these activities and upload them to 2Build a Profile.  We really do love seeing all the exciting things you have been getting up to.

Stay Safe.

The Reception Team

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Keeping Active

It is important to keep active, and this can be done in many different ways!

Here are some ideas:

Joe Wicks PE lesson - Daily at 9am

Koo Koo Kangaroo - Fun dances

5adayTV - Fun workouts

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Yoga taught through story telling

Have a go, and let us know which ones you like the best!

Reception Team